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North Piceance/West Douglas Activity

West Douglas Herd Legal Activity (June 2012)

BLM Declaration of “Emergency” to Zero out herd (June 16, 2012)

BLM’s Second notice “Emergency” (June 18, 2012)

Emergency Motion for Stay of Threatened Emergency Roundup (Filed June 22,2012)

Memorandum of Points and Authorities in Support of Plaintiffs’ Emergency Motion for a Stay of Any Threatened “Emergency” Roundup

(Proposed) Order

Don Moore Declaration

Lauryn Wachs Declaration

BLM’s Answer to Stay Order (Filed June 25, 2012)

Plaintiff’s Reply to BLM Answer to Stay (Filed June 29, 2012

Toni Moore’s Declaration

Notice of Suspension of Roundup Activities (Filed August 1, 2012)

Exhibit to Notice of Suspension (Filed August 1, 2012)

North Piceance Legal Activity (October 2010):

Declaratory and Injunctive Relief (October 7, 2010)

Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief

Plaintiff’s Summons

Civil Cover Sheet

BLM’s Response (October 18, 2010)

Reply Brief in Support of Motion for Preliminary Injunction

Declaration of Amy Barcelo

Declaration of Kent Walter

Declaration of Francis Ackley

Memorandum of Law

BLM Change of Venue Letter

Plaintiff’s Response (October 21, 2010)

July 14, 2011 BLM Letter to Judge Pauley

July 19, 2011 Plaintiffs Response to BLM via Judge Pauley

West Douglas Legal Activity (September 30, 2010):

Contempt of Court

Memorandum of Law

Affidavit File

Order Granting Plaintiffs’ Motion

Order Granting Plaintiffs’ Motion for Finding of Contempt

Plaintiffs’ Motion for Finding of Contempt

Certificate of Service

Declaratory and Injunctive Relief

Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief

Temporary Restraining Order

Motion for TRO

Memo of Law ISO TRO

Order Granting Preliminary Injunction

Declaration of Toni Moore

Declaration of Hilary Wood

Declaration of Donald Moore

Declaration of Jerry Finch

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