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Dawn Reveley, In-House Counsel/Director of Legal Affairs

Dawn Reveley, Director

Dawn Reveley has practiced law for 25 years and licensed in Texas and in Michigan. She has 12 years of complex commercial litigation experience, during which time she provided product liability defense for automotive & heavy equipment manufacturers.

Dawn currently has her own practice, which she opened in October 1996. She practices business law and litigation representing small businesses, most of which are animal care providers.

Dawn is one of the founding members of the Animal Law Section of the State Bar of Texas, and she has spoken nationally on animal law & equine law issues and on the establishment of State Bar Animal Law Sections. She is active in animal-related businesses and hobbies.

Dawn served seven years on the Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners (TBVME) and two years as a director of the American Association of State Veterinary Boards (AAVSB). Dawn served on the BoD of Habitat for horses for many years and was instrumental in the formation of Wild Horse Freedom Federation.  She also owns Equine Esquire, LLC.

She has bred, trained and shown horses and golden retrievers for over 30 years. Mother of twins, Ryan and Rachelle.

Click (HERE) to visit Dawn at USHorses.org

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