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are healthy horses there is no need to remove them from their habitat.
They are healthy they have plenty of acres to roam so why is the BLM determined to remove them?  There numbers need to be audited by an outside accounting firm not related to the BLM.  Millions of acres allocated to these animals and the BLM is talking about 73000+/-
This agency is inflicting cruelty on these animals on so numerous to mention!

Comment on Day 18 of the Checkerboard Roundup Where Less and Less Horses Will Be Free by Deanna Jerge Sun, 15 Oct 2017 19:04:07 +0000 Let us pray with all our hearts that these precious wild horses will
be saved.

Comment on Carol Walker, Dir. of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation, with updates on latest BLM roundups of wild horses in Wyoming, and the lawsuit filed to try to stop it (Wed., 10/11/17 on Wild Horse & Burro Radio) by Kathleen Hayden Sun, 15 Oct 2017 17:25:45 +0000 By operation of wildlife laws, federally protected wildlife horse and burro herds may meet the criteria of State Inventory listing of non game special status natural species According to CA law, species of greatest conservation need are eligible for and considered as priorities for conservation funding via state wildlife grant funds whose funds are linked to State Wildlife Action Plans.(WAP) Revisions to the WAPs include threat assessments for current SSCs and their habitats, and will change conservation actions and priorities. states”When and if available scientific information convinces the experts that determine the checklist of native species to North America that Equus caballus should be considered as an indigenous species, they will make the change in the next revision to the list, and then we would take that fact into consideration for inclusion on our state animal lists.”

Comment on THE TRUTH #10 – BLM Long Term Holding Contractor for Hickory (Jason Jacobs of Jacobs Ranch) weaned 209 foals after being instructed by the BLM NOT to wean the foals, and 28 foals died within a month. by Margaret Fri, 13 Oct 2017 01:35:06 +0000 If you can click on them they enlarge. It’s not good. Jason Jacobs DELIBERATELY weNed babies…he had NO IDEA what he was doing and why! Why some moron wanted to be a “team player”…he should be absolutely ashamed of himself.

Why was his contract renewed after such a massive blunder…this agency is crooked from the top down!

Comment on THE TRUTH #10 – BLM Long Term Holding Contractor for Hickory (Jason Jacobs of Jacobs Ranch) weaned 209 foals after being instructed by the BLM NOT to wean the foals, and 28 foals died within a month. by Margaret Fri, 13 Oct 2017 01:20:33 +0000 Does this person still have his contract? It should be grounds to annul it on the spot.

What kind of moron weans babies that still needs their mothers milk? Are we certain we’re not revisiting Hitler’s concentration camps again?

Sorry if I sound teed off.

Comment on THE TRUTH #10 – BLM Long Term Holding Contractor for Hickory (Jason Jacobs of Jacobs Ranch) weaned 209 foals after being instructed by the BLM NOT to wean the foals, and 28 foals died within a month. by Maggie Frazier Thu, 12 Oct 2017 17:41:11 +0000 Unable to read these documents – no matter how much I enlarge them.
Is there any way to actually read them?

Comment on Wild Horses Including Curlies Lose Their Freedom in Salt Wells Creek by Mary Baker Dittman Mon, 09 Oct 2017 18:33:25 +0000 This is disgraceful.  These babies should not be separated from the mare until they are 6 months old and even then they still cry for their mama.  I have no idea how anyone could chase an innocent foal that’s nursing by a helicopter – there is a saying — what goes around comes around.
What the BLM is doing to these innocent horses and burros is animal cruelty — (animal cruelty is against the law — well I thought it was) It certainly doesn’t come under animal husbandry! 
Those involved in this cruelty obviously were not born with morals.
The land these horses roam on is public land belonging to the American taxpayer.  In my opinion the BLM should be charged with mismanagement of funds.  These are healthy horses and burros they have millions of acres to roam on so why is the BLM removing them from land that is theirs.  A horse only requires 2 acres to graze on, if the BLM was managing as they would like us to believe they would rotate the horses over the millions that are public lands — no need to remove any horses or burros. 80% of Americans are against rounding up these wild horses and burros so why are they being removed the BLM is not funding them the American taxpayer is would you not think those paying the bill would have a say.  Well, — they do 80% of them but ……… the BLM is ignoring the American taxpayer.  Who is responsible for the decision making?  This I would like to know before casting my vote.

Comment on Advocates File Suit to Stop Illegal Removal of Wild Horses in Wyoming by Mary Baker Dittman Sun, 08 Oct 2017 19:33:56 +0000 Robert Redford where are you?  These wild horses and burros need you they need your voice.
The BLM will continue to remove all the wild horses and burros if they are not stopped legally.  It is time for everyone who cares for these beautiful animals to speak up now ……….  save our horses and burros from the BLM from the cruel round ups, from the separation from their families.  These horses and burros feel pain, feel sadness, know their herd mates what the BLM is doing to these INNOCENT animals is cruel.  Cruelty to animals is against the law.  The BLM says they are ‘managing’ this is what they would like us all to believe.
They claim the wild horses and burros destroy the sage brush yet they allow cattle to graze on these same lands – explain.  It is known that cattle are destructive to the land and horses regenerate it.  These horses and burros roam on public land belonging to the American people, paid for by the American taxpayer how much revenue is received for grazing?  Or is grazing free?  This practice of rounding up our wild horses and burros needs to be stopped – this is not American and this land belongs to Americans not the BLM their job is to manage the land not make killer buyers rich by slaughtering our animals.  We do not eat horse meat, there is no demand for horse meat this brutality needs to end and it needs to end now.  We the American people need transparency on this agency in everything they do this is our land, our horses and burros.  What right does the BLM have to send them to slaughter keep them in pens where the American people are unable to see them, to check on their welfare and to stop the kill buyers.  These animals are NOT FOR SALE!

Comment on The Checkerboard Wild Horse Roundup Doesn’t Look Any Better from a Distance by Mary Baker Dittman Sat, 07 Oct 2017 02:13:26 +0000 The BLM should be transparent with the American people as of yet they are not.  The American people – the taxpayers – the people who pay their wages have a right to know the truth.

My questions are:

(1) What do you plan on doing with the wild horses and burros that you recently rounded up?
(2) What do you plan on doing with the 46000+ you have in holding pens?  As we all know there is not a demand for adopting all these wild horses and burros and the American people are against slaughter – 80% of them – the same people that voted the Republicans into office.
(3) How many cows graze on same lands as the wild horses and burros?
(4) I do not understand why it is right for the ranchers to graze their cattle on the very same land but not the wild horses – please explain.  I was of the understanding the wild horses and burros were protected by law to freely graze on these lands?
If the above is correct please tell me, why are they constantly hounded on land they have a legal right to graze on – their natural habitat?
(5) I was under the impression the numbers your department came up with were audited – if correct will you please let the American people know the outcome – were your figures accurate or were they inflated?
(6) Given – that’s a given the figures were in fact inflated then please tell the American people why are you (the BLM) rounding up and why do you have the sole right on the fate of these beautiful, healthy, innocent wild horses and burros?

These wild horses and burros know the members of their herd, they feel pain, and sadness, I cannot understand how anyone can watch this play out and feel nothing!

I am an American and I care for the welfare of these Wild Horses and Burros it is deeply concerning to see these animals hounded on a daily basis – it is cruel and should not be allowed these are American Icons!

So please to whoever is deciding the fate of these innocent animals I ask you …….. why?  Slaughter is NOT an option!  FREEDOM IS!

Comment on The Checkerboard Roundup Day 7 – Great Divide Basin by SE Thu, 05 Oct 2017 10:38:29 +0000 Shame on the BLM. Shame on congress. Shame on American. We are loosing the beauty and soul of our country as these majestic creatures dwindle to nothing. Tragic loss and a cruelty beyond belief in a free country?